Tattoo Spot Magazine 1/2019

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Tattoo Spot Magazine 1/2019 – from the editors.

Dear readers!

We are proud to bring you the second edition of Tattoo Spot Magazine! This publication is packed with the latest insider news and views from the tattoo industry featuring articles, photos and our special coverage of tattoo events from around the globe. We’re making good on our promise to serve you, our readers, with continually high-quality content. What better way to do so than by kicking off with this special News Year’s edition featuring thirteen tattooists from Poland - including an interview with Tomasz Blaszczak, the founder of Hydraulix Tattoo Studio, Wrocław. We’re also showing you the fruits of our collaboration with Jarek Baka’s amazing artwork - who was personally responsible for the sublime design of our poster that marked the third edition of the Orakon Spot Festival.

We mentioned we bring you the most significant global tattoo coverage earlier and we weren’t exaggerating. We illustrate the amazing talents and influences of five
foreign guests. Inside you’ll discover the awe inspiring, richly detailed works by Ink Joe from Pro Team of World Tattoo Events, an interview with Jeremy from Monkey Tattoo Studio, Sarawak, Borneo - who discusses tribal tattoos as well as the culture of Borneo and the work of Limel Estrop also from the mainland. Japanese tattoos and painting accent presents Tru’o’ng Quoc Khanh - while Mok Ji Won steers us to the wealth of tattoo creativity present in South Korea.

We don’t want to restrict the freedom, thoughts and opinions present of those featured in our our publication - and we don’t wish to deny you hearing these straight from the horse’s mouth - that’s why all texts that accompany those professionals covered throughout our magazine are the true, undiluted expressions of the artists themselves.

In addition to the tattooists showcased, we cover in detail - six tattoo events. Beginning with our home Orakon Spot Festival: both the Zakopane and Nowa Huta editions, we venture further to see what’s happening on the European stage with the Tattoo Convention Prague and the Tattoo Grand Prix Brno, Czech Republic. Then we head East to Malaysia for the Melaka Tattoo Expo and then finally to the Vietnamese Saigon Tattoo Expo! We sent our own envoy of Orakon ambassadors to meet and greet those in attendance and you can feast on the stunning photos they took on their trip to The Far East under #orakontrip!

So without further ado, we invite you to dive in and take a look. We are continually evolving the style, content and formula of the magazine and we’re thrilled to have you along for the journey.