Vlad Blad Uncompromising Pro Liner

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  • Kod: MSV001
  • Producent: VLAD BLAD
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The shadow and soft colour junctions.

This unique tattoo machine delicately works with B&W as well as with soft colouring. It doesn't care about the pigment thickness - just add one volt if the paint is thick.

 Quick machine which you can use for tiny portraits using magnums or RS, as well as covering large areas with BW gradients up to 35 mag.

This is a choice of many tattoo artists, who want to control softness/hardness, but who are not satisfied with the speed of rotary machines. Hardness/softness of this machine can be adjusted simply by adding/reducing voltage!Frame Respect A2 made of aluminum #6061, very lightweight and nicely balanced! The weight of a bare frame is about 30,5 grams!Please pay attention that machine which is shipped to you may vary slightly from machine represented at the photos. Machine appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.


Voltage 5-10 Volts.
Needles 35 and up needles
Frame material aluminium
Weight 5.3oz